Can you schedule a Slack message in a thread?

May 09, 2024 / Arvid Andersson

Scheduling Slack messages in threads is not possible with Slack's native features. However, there's a powerful tool that fills this gap: the Slack app Send It Later - using it scheduling replies in threads becomes easy.

How to Schedule a Slack Messages in Threads?

First, install Send It Later in your Slack workspace. Once added, when you hover over a Slack message, you’ll see a new option called Schedule a reply. Clicking on this allows you to set the date and time for your message. Additionally, you can set your replies to recur daily, weekly, or monthly, which is perfect for regular updates or reminders.

Demo of how to schedule a Slack messages in a thread using Send It Later.

Benefits of Using Send It Later

Using Send It Later to schedule messages in Slack can significantly enhance your communication process. Automate your communications by scheduling Slack messages to go out regularly, which is ideal for announcements, check-ins, and reminders. This ensures your messages reach their audience at the best times, maximizing their impact. With advanced Slack reminders, you can move beyond traditional reminders and leverage capabilities designed for dynamic team and community management. Start automating your messages today to keep your team informed and engaged.

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