Get started using Send It Later

Send It Later is a command for Slack that makes it possible to schedule messages for delivery at a later time. Your scheduled messages appear as regular messages sent by your Slack user and work just like normal messages once posted.

For example, with Send It Later you can schedule reminders, plan announcements so they are posted on specific dates or make sure a message to a colleague is received at the start of their workday.

You interact with the command by typing /later in the message field within Slack.

Quick start

To schedule a message in the channel you are currently in type /later Hi there in 2 minutes and hit enter. This will schedule the ”Hi there” message to be posted in the current channel two minutes from now.

Note that your interaction with the command is only visible to you.

Tip: To try out the command select yourself in the ”Direct Messages” list to the left in Slack and schedule messages in that channel. This way you can test out the command in private.

Message scheduling

There are a few different ways to specify the time for a message:

/later Hi there at 9am tomorrow
/later Hi there at 9am today
/later Hi there at 9am (short for 9am today)
/later Hi there at 2020-10-30 14:10
/later Hi there at 30 Oct 9.00
/later Hi there in 30 minutes
/later Hi there in 4 hours
/later Hi there in 1 day

Both 12 hours (9.00pm) and 24 hours (19.00) time format work.

See the support page for more info.

Compose message dialog

Sometimes the message field in Slack can feel a bit crowded when writing longer messages. To handle this Send It Later offers an alternative way of writing messages and setting the delivery time with the command /later compose.

Use the compose command to open an easy to use dialog for composing a new scheduled message.

Within the dialog you can write your message, specify the date using a calender widget, set the time and choose in what channel the message is going to get posted.

Open compose from anywhere

The compose dialog is quickly opened from anywhere in Slack using the shortcuts button next to message field in Slack.

The dialog can also be opened with the shorthand command /later c.

Repeated messages

Using the compose dialog you can set up repeated postings of the same message. Also called recurring messages. This is, for example, useful if you have a reminder for your team that you want to post at the first day of every month or every Friday.

You make a message repeated by selecting a posting frequency for the ”Repeat” field in the compose dialog.

The available posting frequencies are:

Every month - the message is posted on the same day at the same time every upcoming month. For example, if you schedule the message to be posted on January 1 at 9am, the next message will get posted on February 1 at 9am and so on.
Every week - the message is posted on the same weekday at the same time every upcoming week. For example, if you schedule the message to be posted on a Tuesday at 11am, the next message will get posted on Tuesday the next week at 11am.
Every day - the message is posted every day at the same time.

Use the field ”End repeat at” in the compose dialog to select when the repeated posting is going to end for the message. If no value is set the repeated posting will continue indefinitely.

List messages

To list your scheduled messages use the command /later list and you will see a list of all your scheduled messages.

Cancel a message

Use the /later list command and you will see a cancel button for each message that is returned. Clicking this button will remove the scheduled message. Note that a message can only be canceled up until 1 minute before it is scheduled to be posted.

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